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Today, utilities are faced with aging infrastructure and reduced operating budgets while challenged to meet rising customer and compliance demands. Because water meters are a utility's cash registers, the solution begins with measurement integrity. EQUARIUS is proud to be the supplier of Neptune Water Meters and supplies for the State of California. Neptune has set the standard for quality, reliability, and accuracy since the first Neptune meter was produced in 1892. Equarius also provides Large Meter Testing and Turnkey Installation Services.

What Utilities Are Saying About Our NEPTUNE Products, Meter Testing, Installation Team and Customer Service!

City of Sacramento
"We have been using Ferguson Waterworks for our AMI installation for the past 7 years. During that time they have provided the City with excellent support in the areas of AMI endpoint installation, project management, material acquisition and site/system planning. They do an excellent job and stand by their products and services. I can confidently recommend Ferguson as a solid supplier and experts in their field. .Ferguson Waterworks has a proven track record with the City of Sacramento in providing first-class customer service and professional team members that work well with City staff for continued project success"

Midway Heights County Water District
"...the system was turn-key and integrated seamlessly the very first day. Mike and Equarius were with us every step of the process and continue to provide excellent customers service and support."

City of Kingsburg
"...I highly recommend Equarius Waterworks for their professionalism, and their driven desire to do the best they can for the citizens of Kingsburg and City Staff. It has been my sincere pleasure to have worked with his team and continue our partnership."

City of Santa Cruz
"I would recommend the Ferguson Meter Testing Group to any utility that is considering testing their large meters.service has always been professional and has completed our projects in a timely manner."

Mid-Peninsula Water District
"We perform testing on all meters larger than 1-1/2-inches and larger every 2 years, and random sampling on our smaller meters. .very professional and courteous throughout our interactions with his company, and has always made time for our requests. He is more concerned about the accuracy of the results, than of the amount of results."

City of Watsonville
"In January of 2016, The City of Watsonville hired Ferguson to perform large water meter testing. Michael Wolf was the lead tester who diagnosed the large meters here at the City of Watsonville. The whole experience had a positive output to the City of Watsonville's operations. Mr. Michael Wolf was very knowledgeable, experienced and efficient with the testing Michael gave clear results that determined what conflicts the City of Watsonville had. Some of the results showed that the City of Watsonville was losing money on meters that were slowing down, some only picking as low as 60%. In the process, Michael Wolf had also found meters that were used in the wrong application, which showed us that we were losing money there as well."

Padre Dam Municipal Water District
"I would recommend using Ferguson Waterworks as a business partner for any of your metering and automation needs. They are professional and provide excellent customer service."

Dublin San Ramon Services District
"...I recommend the Ferguson Waterworks Meter & Automation group for their partnership, their professionalism, and their driven desire to do the best they can for their customer. It has been my sincere pleasure to have worked with this team."